In this web development Power Pack, three of our sharpest dev authors show you why, when, and how to power your web applications with three of the most widely used and important web programming tools: CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. 

Inside, you'll find: 

Chapter 1: CSS and Why it Matters to You

  • What Is CSS?
  • Types of Style Sheets
  • Styles, Cascaded
  • Syntax
  • Basic CSS Style Elements
  • A Crash Course in Modernization
  • A Few Parting Thoughts

Chapter 2: JavaScript and Frameworks for the IBM i Developer

  • JavaScript for Edits
  • JavaScript for Interactivity
  • JavaScript and the DOM
  • The Power of Mobility: HTML5
  • Best Practice: Frameworks

Chapter 3: Dive Into jQuery, Part 1: A Refresher

  • Why You Need jQuery
  • Include jQuery in Your Pages
  • Use jQuery
  • Write Unobtrusive JavaScript
  • Know What the Code Does
  • Use Complex Selectors
  • Try the this Selector
  • Update a Related Cell in the Same Row
  • Go Forth with the Basics

Chapter 4: Dive into jQuery, Part 2: Power Features for Ajax

  • Use Ajax with jQuery
  • Send Complex JSON Data
  • Update Several Pieces with One Call
  • Watch For This Ajax “Gotcha”
  • Dive into jQuery


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The Experts 

Justin Porter is the director of technology for Westside Produce in Firebaugh, Calif. He began his IT career at Westside Produce in 2003 and reworked the entire infrastructure—top to bottom—to reflect modern standards and technologies that position the company for growth. Justin is active in the IBM i community, serving on a number of COMMON committees as well as being a leader of the Young i Professionals and serving on the COMMON America’s Advisory Council (CAAC).

Craig Pelkie is a senior technical editor for iPro Developer and has worked as a programmer with IBM midrange computers for many years. He has also written and lectured extensively on IBM i technologies, including client/server programming, Client Access, Java, WebSphere, .NET applications for IBM i, and web development.

Duncan Kenzie is chief knowledge officer of ExcelSystems Software Development ULC. Duncan thoroughly enjoys web development. He began his career with IBM and has been creating solutions for the IBM i marketplace for over 30 years. Duncan has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, and enjoys writing on a variety of subjects. He blogs occasionally at