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Ever wonder if introducing virtual tape libraries (VTL) or high availability (HA) technology into your IBM i environment is the right move? You’re not alone.

Debbie Saugen knows every backup and recovery strategy in the book—and she’s seen every shortcut, from inadequate planning to improper tools for the task at hand.

During this webinar, Debbie shares true stories from nearly four decades of experience helping companies test their disaster recovery plans and recover their systems after a disaster. Debbie will discuss:

  • Essentials of a good backup on IBM i
  • Current backup technologies available
  • Best practice recovery strategies
  • High availability and RPO/RTO targets

Tom Huntington also joins Debbie to introduce the new business continuity services and high availability software available from HelpSystems.

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Debbie Saugen is recognized worldwide as an expert on IBM i backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and high availability. Prior to joining HelpSystems, Debbie’s IBM career spanned 37 years serving as the Technical Owner of IBM i Backup/Recovery and the IBM i National Lead for IBM Resiliency Services. A COMMON Gold Medal Speaker, she enjoys sharing her knowledge speaking at conferences and user groups, along with publishing articles. Debbie is passionate about solving business continuity issues and providing the best solution for customers.

Tom Huntington is Executive Vice President of Technical Solutions at HelpSystems, and a 28-year veteran of the company. He oversees business alliances and large customer relationships and ensures that HelpSystems software works with other major software and hardware vendors worldwide.