Tim Rowe

Business Architect , IBM

Tim Rowe has worked for IBM in Rochester, Minn. for more than two decades. He is currently the business architect for application development on IBM i with responsibility for ensuring that the platform has the infrastructure and components necessary for customers to develop, build, and run applications on IBM i. He works with Rational and WebSphere on a daily basis and also has IBM i responsibility for the IBM HTTP Server, Web Administration GUI interface, integrated web application server for i, web services server for i, and other application components. Before focusing on web-based middleware, Tim spent several years on work management of IBM i.

Posts by Tim Rowe

Application Modernization Redbook Unleashed

Application Modernization Redbook Unleashed 

in Modern-i-zation Mar 27, 2014
The Application Modernization Redbook draft version has been released! Tim Rowe has the details....
Free-Form RPG Transformation, Part 2

Free-Form RPG Transformation, Part 2 

in Modern-i-zation Mar 19, 2014
Tim Rowe continues his series on ISV tools for free-form RPG with a look at Linoma Software's free-format transformation tool, RPG Toolbox....
Free-Form RPG Transformation

Free-Form RPG Transformation, Part 1 

in Modern-i-zation Mar 04, 2014
Get started down the full free-form RPG path with tools that help you quickly and correctly convert your existing RPG to the new syntax....
App Mod Redbook Update

Application Modernization Redbook Update 

in Modern-i-zation Feb 25, 2014
Tim Rowe provides an update on IBM's Application Modernization Redbook, including a sneak peek at the topics of the book's 18 chapters....
IBM i in the cloud

IBM i Is in the Cloud! 

in Modern-i-zation Feb 13, 2014
IBM i is now available in the cloud! With the IBM Power Development Platform, software developers have no-charge access to IBM Power Systems through......
Spring education opportunities

Spring Education Opportunities 

in Modern-i-zation Feb 04, 2014
It's time to plan your spring education! Tim Rowe covers what's available and why education is important....
Removing Free-Form RPG Confusion

Removing the Confusion Around Free-Form RPG 

in Modern-i-zation Jan 31, 2014
In the latest Modern-i-zation blog, Tim Rowe helps remove some of the confusion around the RPG free-format support....
Rational Developer for i: Free-Form Ready

Rational Developer for i: Free-Form Ready 

in Modern-i-zation Jan 02, 2014
RDi 9.0.1 delivers a couple of new enhancements, the most important of which allows for support of free-form RPG. Tim Rowe dives into the details....
RPG, RDi Free-Format Support Reach GA

RPG, RDi Free-Format Support Reach GA 

in Modern-i-zation Dec 16, 2013
Free-format RPG and the update to support free format in Rational Developer for i V9 are now available. Tim Rowe gets into the details....
Free-Form RPG and SQL Updates

Free-Form RPG and SQL Updates 

in Modern-i-zation Oct 28, 2013
In this blog, we'll look at free-form RPG along with a couple of enhancements from the world of SQL....