IBM i Is in the Cloud!

by Tim Rowe
Feb 13, 2014



The day has finally arrived: IBM i is available in the cloud! Don’t fall over—it's true! IBM made the announcement in a press release earlier today, and the site is now live! Through IBM PatnerWorld, you can now get your own partition to play with. What a super opportunity! In the announcement, IBM unveiled an application development cloud called the IBM Power Development Platform. This provides software developers no-charge access to IBM Power Systems through a cloud-based ...


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on Mar 4, 2014

I give a HUGE thumbs up to this offering. It has helped me in a number of scenarios over many years and I still use it today (I just setup an instance yesterday).

I really wish existing IBM i cloud vendors** would make it this simple to provision and IBM i instance. The number of IBM i cloud vendors is growing faster than ever, but I don't see any of them focusing on "IBM i on demand" via the browser like PDP is doing.

Well done IBM.


Aaron Bartell

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