Help IBM Create a New Application Modernization Redbook

by Tim Rowe
Apr 02, 2013

Over the past year, I’ve talked with hundreds of customers, and I’ve noticed one common theme: modernization. As I’m sure you know, this is a huge discussion topic with many sub-topics under the broader modernization umbrella. Over the past few months in this blog, I’ve tried to cover a number of these different topic areas. But in that time, I’ve really just barely scratched the surface. And I’m not the only one covering the topic—IBM i has ...


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on Apr 22, 2013

Hi Tim,
I'm happy to inform you that we will be able to participate in the residency. The two main topics we would like to cover are the modernization of the Database and the modernization of RPG.

on Apr 22, 2013

Wonderful! I would ask that you submit your name as a candidate. Please send a note to and he will get the necessary information from you.Thanks for your interest!!!

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