Free-Form RPG and SQL Updates

by Tim Rowe
Oct 28, 2013

For this entry, I touched base with the lead developer responsible for working on the SQL pre-compiler support for the new free-form RPG to get some information on this new offering. So in this blog, I'll discuss using SQL within an RPG program in a completely free-form manner. I'm also going to look at some new support for SQL that lets you use SQL to access various types of system data. This new access saves you from having to write code to system APIs, so you can accomplish the ...


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on Dec 12, 2013

the way you demonstrate/clarify everything is very informative.
i salute you for taking your precious time to make it so much easier for people that dont understand things easily. :)

on Mar 18, 2014

Wish they had opened up the system with SQL views years ago. I hope more views will be added and you will let us know! Way easier than an API is an understatement.

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